Mike Huckabee Does Adele, And It’s Amazing

Mike Huckabee has turned into the loser political second cousin of Weird Al, and it’s amazing.


PMGE (Peyton Manning Greatest Ever) !!!

Peyton For President
Brady = Bad QB

The Sheriff Kills Patriot Nation

Peyton Manning takes the 5th, and likely final, playoff matchup between him and TB12, as Boston slowly crumbles to the ground.

Basketball’s Purest Form

Over the past week, a new basketball craze has been sweeping the nation. Fans everywhere are standing from their seats in awe as high level athletes are making unheard of shots; and no, the shots are not being taken by Steph Curry from the parking lot. Since they’re not coming from the NBA, surely they…

Dear Tim, Get A Life

Sick dude, you must feel really tough. A group of D1 basketball players who rarely see the floor are trying to make the best out of their college experience by coming up with hilarious bench mob stunts, and you have to go out of your way to put them down. Before his game against Monmouth…

Why The NHL Hates Fun

John Scott was screwed out of the 2016 NHL All Star Game. Why? Because the NHL hates fun.