We’re five weeks into the college football season and there is no longer any reason to do a Power Top 25.  It’s now time to start separating the men from the boys, the national title contenders from the pretenders. 

Unofficial BCS rules state that as a team, unless a crazy situation happens (2007 football season) the easiest way to make the BCS Championship is to finish undefeated, or have one quality loss with a tough schedule.

Each week we will follow every undefeated team left in the FBS, as well as a list of possible contenders with one loss.  Each team will be reviewed based on quality wins and biggest hurdles left. 
Now what exactly is considered a quality win? A quality win is a victory versus an at-the-time or currently ranked team or a win, no matter of ranking, versus a team from a different BCS Conference or an FBS independent.  All rankings in the quality wins are at-time rankings. Rankings in hurdles left are current weekly rankings.

Biggest Hurdles on the other hand, are games I believe they can slip up against, whether that opponent is ranked or not. Let’s get after it.